Data. Ecosystem. Market design?

Digital ≠ website design* ; Digital = market design

What is the whole-of-market design for data-sharing?

Rather than giving a detailed narrative at this stage, I’m putting this out to stimulate discussion. As usual, I’m also leaving many terms undefined for now to see what feedback arises (there are many interpretations).

I’m wondering if we are approaching a Phase Transition in the way we deal with data: that we’ll ‘jump’ into a new state where we must solve (right now) interoperability at a cultural level to have a hope of solving any of the economic, environmental or social issues that are upon us today.

The design outcomes we are looking for are, for Shared Data (and Open Data, but that’s a derivative use-case), to:

  • maximise for interoperability & cohesion (private sector + public sector)
  • reduce friction in the system (legal, technical, cultural, regulation)
  • open markets

Three provocations:

  • the web is (still) the most successful information architecture in history
  • the first-order architectural solution should never be ‘build a portal/hub’
  • everyone is still struggling to understand how the web works and how to codify its architectural principles into our business/cultural norms

And some lenses through which to peer—risks & controls; unintended consequences; accidental monopolies; consent management; redress; liability transfer; reciprocity; business cases; rights; regulation; security; operationalising; systems-thinking…

We are actively exploring this with our work on Open Energy, Transport, Agriculture and the Built Environment right now (as well as building on the Open Finance work that is well underway).

This post is part of a series of work developed by Icebreaker One at



-- || || Twitter: @agentGav // @icebreakerOne for climate+finance+data

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Gavin Starks

Gavin Starks || || Twitter: @agentGav // @icebreakerOne for climate+finance+data

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