Gavin Starks

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  • Florus van Beek

    Florus van Beek

    Designer | Developer | Entrepreneur | Innovator | Social Media | Creative | Concept Development | Certified ScrumMaster

  • Robbie Stamp

    Robbie Stamp

  • Tony Griffiths

    Tony Griffiths

    Enabling quicker and affordable decision-making for energy transition projects. Co-founder Olwg Ltd, based in Brentford (W.London).

  • From Colombia

    From Colombia

  • Oli Whittington

    Oli Whittington

    Designer, researcher, strategist in the Arup Studio.

  • Giles Lane

    Giles Lane

    Artist & Designer. Storymaker. Founder of Proboscis. Maker of Mischief.

  • Oli Rowlands

    Oli Rowlands

    Suffolk based tech leader, more normal than my writing—

  • Antony Slumbers

    Antony Slumbers

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