“Data is the single biggest enabler of a decarbonised, decentralised and digitised energy future. It’s the tool that will bridge the gap between where we are now vs. where we need to be to achieve net-zero.”
Matt Hastings, Innovate UK, Modernising Energy Data Access

How might we better manage the complex needs of energy supply and demand?

What’s changed?

The complexity of balancing our energy supply and demand is increasing and will only continue to increase.

So what?

We are also acutely aware there is a lot of prior work in this sector, and many lessons learned from other sectors. We are looking to combine and build on these.

A potential framework to build upon?

What now?

https://dgen.net || https://icebreakerone.org || Twitter: @agentGav // @icebreakerOne for climate+finance+data

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