Personal data management & analysis in the age-of-COVID

Gavin Starks
3 min readMay 4, 2020


Call to action: Please comment herein with links to active projects and useful projects.

One challenge we face is that in the rush to action, that existing knowledge is lost or missing-in-action. Trusted institutions must now step forward (and take potentially reputational risks) to help lead and navigate: action will be happening with or without them.

Below are some pointers to personal data management evolution in the age-of-COVID, which is forcing accelerated development in many areas — often without a lot of reference to prior-art or institutional memory.

I will publish an update on this in the coming weeks.

In no particular order, here are some pointers to projects relevant to data management. Anyone who thinks they’ve ‘solved’ this is wrong: we have a lot of prior art to build up but it’s not possible to get this ‘right’ — we have to step forward as quickly and carefully as possible, and put in place processes to rectify mistakes that will be made along the way.

NB: I am a member of the Guardian Council of Yoti