Understanding Data Sharing—is my data open, shared or closed?

Applying the Data Spectrum

Here’s one way to think about applying the data spectrum —to understand how we can provide access to data. The question, to begin with, is “how can I use it?”

This builds on my previous posts exploring the definitions of Shared Data

We (Icebreaker One and the ODI) have now co-created an ‘energy’ example of the original Data Spectrum:

Read more about our definitions of Shared Data at IcebreakerOne.org

And how this links with a decentralised data economy

This post is part of a series of work developed by Icebreaker One at https://icebreakerone.org/understanding-data-sharing/




https://dgen.net || https://icebreakerone.org || Twitter: @agentGav // @icebreakerOne for climate+finance+data

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Gavin Starks

Gavin Starks

https://dgen.net || https://icebreakerone.org || Twitter: @agentGav // @icebreakerOne for climate+finance+data

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